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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Multi-Wing Approach

I apologize to all my followers and want to let you all know that I am still breathing. I just have not had the time to to enjoy this hobby as the real world is gradually catching up with me and graduation is right around the corner.

I have seen the space wolves codex and am not happy that they have the ability to field an all terminator army.

My fellow Dark Angels players do not worry I refuse to switch codexes and will be taking many of the things that still remain somewhat unique to the Dark Angels Codex and draw up a list.

My Deathwing will still be an option, but I believe in order to stay competitive I must mix in elements from the rest of the codex.

Here is the list:


Belial- 130
w/twin lightning claws

- makes the Deathwing terminators in the army count as troops and will be attached to that squad and ride in the crusader. Twin lightning claws gives Belial the best load out in my opinion as he will have 5 attacks on the charge (6 attacks when you factor in the +1 from the company banner)

Sammael (in his landspeeder) - 205
yes this is the armor 14 landspeeder

-makes the Ravenwing bikers in the army count as troops. He has an assault cannon and heavy bolter that are both twin linked at BS 5 making him effective at taking out infantry. Most opponents will not be able to ignore a fast moving armor 14 vehicle that can put out that number of shots. He will zip around guns blazing and zoom in to contest objectives on turn 5 (Fritz and Jawaballs this one is for you guys).


Deathwing- 280
2 terminators w/twin lightning claws
2 terminators w/thunder hammers and stormshields one will carry the company banner
1 terminator w/a chainfist and heavy flamer upgraded to an Apothecary

-This is the hammer unit of the army. The squad will ride in the crusader and will spearhead my assault. This unit will most likely be sent in to claim the objective most heavily guarded by my opponent or if needed will go after my opponents hardest unit. The apothecary helps when they win combat and are vulnerable to shooting allowing me to ignore one failed save a turn (if he saves at least one terminator a game he has made up his points). The company banner gives everyone in the squad +1 attack (Belial will receive this bonus when he joins the unit).

Tactical Squad 1 - 115
Sgt w/a power weapon and melta bomb
3 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/a flamer

Rhino transport-50
w/extra armor

Tactical Squad 2 - 120
Sgt w/a powerfist
3 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/a flamer

Rhino transport - 50
w/extra armor

- Both squads will remain inside of their rhinos as long as they are still up and running. They will move out and claim objectives. The squads are equipped to deal with infantry likely to be sitting on these objectives if I cannot tank shock them off.

I might switch out the flamers for meltaguns

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1- 160
Sgt w/a power weapon and melta bomb
2 bikers w/meltaguns

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 - 170
Sgt w/a power weapon
2 bikers w/meltaguns one upgraded to an Apothecary

-these guys will act as a distraction. They will outflank to get into better position to pop my opponents big tanks and give my opponent an immediate threat to deal with. I do not expect them to survive the whole game but if they do they have the ability to claim objectives.

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader - 270
w/ extra armor and pintle mounted stormbolter

-this will carry Belial and his squad. The Dark Angels codex uses the old smoke rule where all hits scored upon a vehicle that pops smoke can only glance making the land raider almost indestructible the turn it pops smoke.

Predator 1 - 100
w/autocannon, heavy bolters and a pintle mounted stormbolter

Predator 2 - 100
w/autocannon, heavy bolters and a pintle mounted stormbolter

-These have been showing up a lot lately with the shift to 5th edition and mechanization of armies. The autocannons on the Predators are good at popping light transports such as Rhinos, and Ork trucks. The two tanks are well equipped to lay out a decent amount of fire power to deal with those horde armies as well.

Overall a balanced list. I have all the tools needed to handle most situations. The squads are small but have some kind of protection (terminators ride in the land raider, the tactical squads are mounted in rhinos to protect them from incoming fire and the bikers turbo boost to claim a cover save or to get behind cover when there is nothing for them to shoot at).

-comments and/or criticism are more than welcomed

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terminator Librarian

After seeing Ron Saikowski's Terminator Librarian( seen here ) over at, I have been motivated to make a terminator librarian and give it a try. Before I go on and convert one I want to get people's thoughts and opinions of the Dark Angels Librarian.

Dark Angels Librarians have 2 powers, force barrier and hellfire. Force barrier allows the Librarian (when he takes a wound) to take psychic test and if he passes is treated as if he has made an invulnerable save. This could be very useful, especially when used together with an Apothecary (gotta love that Apothecary)to help shrug off some of those AP2 weaponry. His second power, Hellfire, is a shooting attack with the following profile: Template, S2D6-2, AP D6, Assault 1. Pretty random to be counted on, but it can possibly be a S10, AP1 flamer template. It will probably have games where you wish you took something else and games where you will be glad you took the librarian.

The Librarian also has the old psychic hood that covers the whole table, but at leadership 9 it might not be as effective since most psykers used in tournaments are leadership 10. He is also no slouch in combat with 3 attacks and a force weapon at an initiative of 5.

Tournament Results

Sorry all, I have no pictures from the tournament (since I lent my camera to my sister and didn't get it back in time). The tournament was fun and enjoyable. I had a loss, a draw and a win not bad for my first tournament. My loss came against a Tyranid player (Nidzilla is actually more appropriate) and though I should have been able to take this list on the dice gods thought otherwise (immobilized two of my own Land Raiders throughout the course of the game). Overall I claimed 34 battle points out of a possible 57 and 63 overall points placing me 14th overall out of 30.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Deathwing Mantra

Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing Deathwing

1)Use cover

-Cover is your friend, use it to block line of sight or to grant yourself cover saves. Playing such an elite force we must utilize cover to keep the number of units shooting at us to a minimum or to make sure we get some kind of save against all weaponry (its better to take a 4+ cover save than a 5+ invulnerable save VS a plasma shot)

2)Keep moving

-Always keep moving especially if you are playing an all infantry force. Move to get into better firing position or to stay out of line of sight. Our storm bolters have 24'' range (30'' if you count the 6'' movement) and are assault2, use that to your advantage.

3)Concentrate your fire

-We don't have enough shots to spread our firepower. If you shoot at something, shoot it until it is gone or forced to take a leadership test. At the very least, two squads should be firing at a single target.

4)Assault on your terms

-Pick and choose your battles wisely and avoid getting charged. Getting charged may be fatal as those extra attacks may make a difference, especially if charged by Orks). Assault units that you know you have clear advantage against and can likely take out in a turn or two. Finishing the assault on your opponents turn is a plus as you are free to do whatever you please on your turn.

5)Have faith in your wargear

-This game is not just based on tactics and luck, there is also a psychological element to the game. How many times have you picked up a die thinking you are going to roll a one and sure enough you roll that one? Think positive thoughts and good things will come.
Faith is a powerful tool, use it

Upcoming Tourney

I know I have not posted in weeks, I've just been busy juggling school work and painting my models to get ready for the upcoming Battle For Salvation Tournament (which is this Saturday). This will be the first tournament I compete in. I will be bringing my Deathwing with the same configuration as the post below except that the last terminator squad will not have a chainfist as I do not have a third, so to make up the points I've given the Chaplain a combi-melta just in case I need to pop a tank after the squad disembarks.

Thursday, May 7, 2009 take...or ...not to take?....

Above is a picture of my work in progress Deathwing Apothecary. I am not certain of its effectiveness in the game as I have yet to use him, but ignoring one failed save of any sort a turn seems like a good deal but this ability cannot be used if A) the apothecary is in close combat B) If the weapon used to inflict the wound is double the toughness of the model who failed the save or C) The weapon used to inflict the wound is a close combat weapon that ignores armor saves.

The issue I have is that my whole army consists of nothing but terminators and an experienced opponent will more than likely target this squad with multiple weapons that both ignore my 2+ armor save as well as double my toughness and the unit he is in will probably be in close combat. Since I had fun putting him together I will give him a try for few games and see how much the narthecium will help.

-comments and criticism are more than welcome

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1750pt Army List

After reading a lot of the forums I have decided that a mechanized Deathwing force is the way to go for me. The army list will look like this:


Belial w/ Twin Lightning Claws @ 130pts

-This is a mandatory choice for a Deathwing army. He has lightning claws since most of the time he will be dealing with troops to claim or contest objectives although I did give him a thunder hammer once which came in handy (he took out a defiler

Chaplain @ 100pts

-He is in the army to give the squad Belial is attached to re-rolls on rolls to hit in close combat and a Techmarine is not an independent character in the Dark Angels Codex, otherwise I would have taken one instead


Deathwing Squad 1 @ 255pts
2 terminators w/twin lightning claws
2 terminators w/thunder hammers & storm shields
1 terminator apothecary w/ a heavy flamer & chainfist

-Belial and the Chaplain will be attached to this squad. The squad will probably get into assault which is why the majority of them are armed with lightning claws or thunder hammers. I included heavy flamer since they will be close enough to use it and an apothecary for after (hopefully) they win combat as they will draw a lot of fire afterwards. The chain fist is there in case I need to pop a big tank or a walker ( most notably Ironclad Dreadnoughts as it seems every person I play using Codex Space Marines has one)

Deathwing Squad 2 @ 250pts
Sgt w/ twin lightning claws
3 terminators w/ storm bolters & powerfists
1 terminator w/ an assault cannon & chainfist

Deathwing Squad 3@ 250pts
same as above

-Squads 2 & 3 will ride in a land raider ( 1 for each squad) and are armed with an assault cannon and storm bolters to lend fire support in case their transport is knocked out. The Sgts in each squad exchange their power weapon and storm bolter for a pair of lightning claws to give them some punch at initiative in case they get into assault and power weapons just don't do well for me for some reason

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader @ 265pts
w/ extra armor

-This will transport Belial and his squad and will drive onto objectives firing its weapons on its way. It has extra armor to allow it to turn if it happens to get shaken ( machine spirit only allows it to move directly ahead if the vehicle suffers a stunned or shaken result basically it can move straight but can't turn). The ability to turn while shaken is crucial as I need this squad to go where ever I may need them at any given moment and not being able to turn may be a problem

2 Land Raiders @ 250pts each
w/ 2 Twin-Linked Lascannons and a Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

-These will transport Deathwing Squads 2 & 3 and will sit back and take shots at any high strength weaponry that may be a threat to the Land Raiders.

I tend to keep the whole army close to each other and depending on what I am facing and the mission, they would normally advance slowly firing their guns. Before the game begins I assess what the opponent has and see what in their army can hurt my land raiders. If I can knock these units out early my land raiders can drive around and do what they need to. Drop podding Salamanders with twin linked meltaguns hurt, and the only solution I have against this is holding everything in reserve so that they do not get the drop on me and with the new Imperial Guard codex out, I am going to see a lot of meltagun toting veterans riding in Chimeras, but I will deal with that issue in another post.

Deathwing Sergeant

This is a little peak at one of my terminator sergeants that I am quite proud of the way it came out when it was finished. I primed it black and then painted a layer of graveyard earth and gave it a wash of Gryphonne Sepia. The final layer of bleached bone was then applied ( I had to water it down quite a bit to get it to stick smoothly) and a highlight of skull white was applied to the edges of the armor. The washes games workshop has come out with are amazing. The face was done with one layer of Dwarf Flesh and then a wash of Ogryn Flesh. After it dried it looked very good so I left it alone and painted the eye balls.

First Post

Welcome to the Storm Bolter and Powerfist. This blog will be about the reliable Dark Angels 1st Company the Deathwing. I always wanted to play an all terminator army and finally got the chance to (paying tuition is no joke). I realize that the Deathwing is a hard army to play and master as you are heavily outnumbered in every game you play, but there is nothing cooler than fielding a whole army of bad-ass terminators. Follow me as I develop different tactics and strategies to make this army work.