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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terminator Librarian

After seeing Ron Saikowski's Terminator Librarian( seen here ) over at, I have been motivated to make a terminator librarian and give it a try. Before I go on and convert one I want to get people's thoughts and opinions of the Dark Angels Librarian.

Dark Angels Librarians have 2 powers, force barrier and hellfire. Force barrier allows the Librarian (when he takes a wound) to take psychic test and if he passes is treated as if he has made an invulnerable save. This could be very useful, especially when used together with an Apothecary (gotta love that Apothecary)to help shrug off some of those AP2 weaponry. His second power, Hellfire, is a shooting attack with the following profile: Template, S2D6-2, AP D6, Assault 1. Pretty random to be counted on, but it can possibly be a S10, AP1 flamer template. It will probably have games where you wish you took something else and games where you will be glad you took the librarian.

The Librarian also has the old psychic hood that covers the whole table, but at leadership 9 it might not be as effective since most psykers used in tournaments are leadership 10. He is also no slouch in combat with 3 attacks and a force weapon at an initiative of 5.


  1. The friend of mine that inspired me to get the Bloodwing going swears by the DA Terminator Librarian and takes one every game. Personally I think they are a good choice but would rather take a Terminator Chaplain as my second HQ. However the Model is amazing and I definitely have one to paint up and try out for myself at some point.

  2. I agree with Huron, which in itself is quite heretical!

    A DA Librarian is a good model to field in a few cases, especially for the reasons you mentioned, but when I field a Librarian in Termy Armour, I always count him as Ezekiel. I'm planning on converting one up myself in a few weeks with the Terminator armoured model and the main reason I play him as Ezekiel is because termy Librarians still have a 2+ save, as does Ezekiel, and the armour could just be a representation of this. Also, Ezekiel has the third and in my opinion funniest power which allows him to literally make any enemy character feel bad and take a long ride home. His stats and abilities are cool, but that's the case even with a standard Termy Librarian. I won't lie though, I spent most of my games trying to keep my Librarian out of firing range from a few big guns which stopped him from even getting close with his template power. There's something about a Terminator armoured Librarian that makes every opponent direct their fire at him as soon as possible, and in my case results in his death even with a mass of weaker weapons.

    As Huron said though, a Termy Chaplain would always play the role of second HQ for the sheer damage he can allow a terminator squad... He allows a squad of lightning clawed terminators to re-roll failed hits, and then the lightning claws themselves allow the termies to re-roll failed rolls to wound!

  3. I used to run a Libby in my Deathwing army, he's quite good with his psychic shield, I never had any luck with the template weapon though -_-

    One option I'm going to test out is a Grey Knight Grand Master with a Psychic Hood, he's Ld10, has a force weapon and is a lot harder than the libby, if you don't want to use him as a Grand Master just say he's a beefed up Librarian :)