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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Deathwing Mantra

Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing Deathwing

1)Use cover

-Cover is your friend, use it to block line of sight or to grant yourself cover saves. Playing such an elite force we must utilize cover to keep the number of units shooting at us to a minimum or to make sure we get some kind of save against all weaponry (its better to take a 4+ cover save than a 5+ invulnerable save VS a plasma shot)

2)Keep moving

-Always keep moving especially if you are playing an all infantry force. Move to get into better firing position or to stay out of line of sight. Our storm bolters have 24'' range (30'' if you count the 6'' movement) and are assault2, use that to your advantage.

3)Concentrate your fire

-We don't have enough shots to spread our firepower. If you shoot at something, shoot it until it is gone or forced to take a leadership test. At the very least, two squads should be firing at a single target.

4)Assault on your terms

-Pick and choose your battles wisely and avoid getting charged. Getting charged may be fatal as those extra attacks may make a difference, especially if charged by Orks). Assault units that you know you have clear advantage against and can likely take out in a turn or two. Finishing the assault on your opponents turn is a plus as you are free to do whatever you please on your turn.

5)Have faith in your wargear

-This game is not just based on tactics and luck, there is also a psychological element to the game. How many times have you picked up a die thinking you are going to roll a one and sure enough you roll that one? Think positive thoughts and good things will come.
Faith is a powerful tool, use it


  1. Thanks Oanue, very inspiring. I am going into battle with my Deathwing for the first time this weekend that was just the kind of advice I was looking for.

  2. Some great advice here mate.

    I've got to say the most crucial is assault on your own terms, which has got to be the mantra for the whole army, as well as individual units.

    Given the limited size of a D'wing army you really do have to pick your fights wisely. I often find myself refusing a flank just so I can do that.

    Thanks again for some great points mate.