The Storm Bolter and Powerfist

If all else fails, hit it with a powerfist

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1750pt Army List

After reading a lot of the forums I have decided that a mechanized Deathwing force is the way to go for me. The army list will look like this:


Belial w/ Twin Lightning Claws @ 130pts

-This is a mandatory choice for a Deathwing army. He has lightning claws since most of the time he will be dealing with troops to claim or contest objectives although I did give him a thunder hammer once which came in handy (he took out a defiler

Chaplain @ 100pts

-He is in the army to give the squad Belial is attached to re-rolls on rolls to hit in close combat and a Techmarine is not an independent character in the Dark Angels Codex, otherwise I would have taken one instead


Deathwing Squad 1 @ 255pts
2 terminators w/twin lightning claws
2 terminators w/thunder hammers & storm shields
1 terminator apothecary w/ a heavy flamer & chainfist

-Belial and the Chaplain will be attached to this squad. The squad will probably get into assault which is why the majority of them are armed with lightning claws or thunder hammers. I included heavy flamer since they will be close enough to use it and an apothecary for after (hopefully) they win combat as they will draw a lot of fire afterwards. The chain fist is there in case I need to pop a big tank or a walker ( most notably Ironclad Dreadnoughts as it seems every person I play using Codex Space Marines has one)

Deathwing Squad 2 @ 250pts
Sgt w/ twin lightning claws
3 terminators w/ storm bolters & powerfists
1 terminator w/ an assault cannon & chainfist

Deathwing Squad 3@ 250pts
same as above

-Squads 2 & 3 will ride in a land raider ( 1 for each squad) and are armed with an assault cannon and storm bolters to lend fire support in case their transport is knocked out. The Sgts in each squad exchange their power weapon and storm bolter for a pair of lightning claws to give them some punch at initiative in case they get into assault and power weapons just don't do well for me for some reason

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader @ 265pts
w/ extra armor

-This will transport Belial and his squad and will drive onto objectives firing its weapons on its way. It has extra armor to allow it to turn if it happens to get shaken ( machine spirit only allows it to move directly ahead if the vehicle suffers a stunned or shaken result basically it can move straight but can't turn). The ability to turn while shaken is crucial as I need this squad to go where ever I may need them at any given moment and not being able to turn may be a problem

2 Land Raiders @ 250pts each
w/ 2 Twin-Linked Lascannons and a Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

-These will transport Deathwing Squads 2 & 3 and will sit back and take shots at any high strength weaponry that may be a threat to the Land Raiders.

I tend to keep the whole army close to each other and depending on what I am facing and the mission, they would normally advance slowly firing their guns. Before the game begins I assess what the opponent has and see what in their army can hurt my land raiders. If I can knock these units out early my land raiders can drive around and do what they need to. Drop podding Salamanders with twin linked meltaguns hurt, and the only solution I have against this is holding everything in reserve so that they do not get the drop on me and with the new Imperial Guard codex out, I am going to see a lot of meltagun toting veterans riding in Chimeras, but I will deal with that issue in another post.


  1. Great list, but there are a couple flaws in it. One, your army is pretty defenceless against large ordnance blast templates, so if you're going up, lets say against a Space Marine player with a Vindicator or two ( which I am getting one for my list) you would be pretty screwed over. It would have BS 4, S10 and AP2, so it would punch through the Terminators, and since it is Ordnance it would kill those Land Raiders in an instant. I'm not trying to be mean though, it is a great list, and I'm just trying to use some constructive criticism is all. =)

  2. First off, I would like to thank you for your comment.

    Surprisingly,Vindicators have not hurt me as much as I thought they would. I played a game against a marine list that had two and was able to knock the guns off on each one in the first turn. Vehicles being able to take cover saves has helped out a lot as well. Since they are S10 they are usually what I target first.

  3. Looks like a damn hard list, Ive fought many deathwing players some use bike with teleporter homers and they always seem very static i know they can jump on me on the first turn but three squads of orks is a tough thing to face down even with 15 terminators and belial.

    Your list seems like it would be a steam roller, I would love to play you and see how my army would fair against so much armor, and death dealing Lclaws, Thammers, and powerfist.

  4. Nice looking list, but there are a few pointers I'd like to make.

    "1 terminator w/ an assault cannon & chainfist"

    The chainfist on this terminator could be put on one of the stormbolter+powerfist terminators, for better wound allocation.

    Also, a question at the end: Do you play the Dark Angels smoke launchers as glance-only, or 4+ cover save?