The Storm Bolter and Powerfist

If all else fails, hit it with a powerfist

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Upcoming Tourney

I know I have not posted in weeks, I've just been busy juggling school work and painting my models to get ready for the upcoming Battle For Salvation Tournament (which is this Saturday). This will be the first tournament I compete in. I will be bringing my Deathwing with the same configuration as the post below except that the last terminator squad will not have a chainfist as I do not have a third, so to make up the points I've given the Chaplain a combi-melta just in case I need to pop a tank after the squad disembarks.


  1. hey Oanue,

    Nice stuff you got going here. It cool to see people still taking the deathwing seriously and try to adapt it to 5th. with the Increased strength of tanks the 3 Landraiders will cause a headache to all non Melta spam armies. I know for sure I would get my ass whooped :p Since I'm a follower of the Fritz philosophy just run and run some more with the bikes.

    Anyways lovely models and you should have a great run at the tournament.

    Cheers CJ

    p.s. I know I'm a total nerd about this but you should really try to drill out the barrels of the guns or at least paint a black dot in the centre it will greatly increase the feeling of depth in the models.

  2. Woohoo Deathwing! I'm sure Soviet will be along shortly...

    Just came across your blog by way of Saim Hann. Great stuff mate, it's great seeing Deathwing about. Will be adding a link to your site from mine if you don't mind mate!