The Storm Bolter and Powerfist

If all else fails, hit it with a powerfist

Thursday, May 7, 2009 take...or ...not to take?....

Above is a picture of my work in progress Deathwing Apothecary. I am not certain of its effectiveness in the game as I have yet to use him, but ignoring one failed save of any sort a turn seems like a good deal but this ability cannot be used if A) the apothecary is in close combat B) If the weapon used to inflict the wound is double the toughness of the model who failed the save or C) The weapon used to inflict the wound is a close combat weapon that ignores armor saves.

The issue I have is that my whole army consists of nothing but terminators and an experienced opponent will more than likely target this squad with multiple weapons that both ignore my 2+ armor save as well as double my toughness and the unit he is in will probably be in close combat. Since I had fun putting him together I will give him a try for few games and see how much the narthecium will help.

-comments and criticism are more than welcome


  1. Personally I think the Apothecary is a take option. You put him in the Terminator squad you see as most important and you want to survive the most. So if the squad in the crusader with all Lightning Claws is the most important then you put him in that. If you think the squad with the Cyclone Missile is the most important as it can be anti-tank then you put him in that. I think you get what I am saying.

    It was good to meet you at Games Day and thank you for the Follow. I have added follows to bother this page and your Ork page and add the URLs of bother to my Blog list on Blood and Blades.

    Fairly soon I am going to start talking about a Deathwing army I am going to be putting together (though it will be painted as Blood Angels) and I would love to get your feedback on it as I know that Deathwing is a challenging army to be competitive with.

    Thanks again.

  2. The way I usually play my DW with an apothecary is with a squad of termies with 3 TW/LCs and 2 SS/THs with Beleil and a Chappy all in a Crusaider. Yes i know, points heavy to the max, but lets face it NOTHING will stand up to the squad when it gets into CC

  3. Defilus, I run an assault termie squad the same way as you do (gotta love those re-rolls in assault). I will be keeping the apothecary in my list. The last few games I played in he has helped me shrug off a few plasma shots.

  4. I run an all foot slogging army (Lustwing) at 1500 points and use an Apothecary in my one squad. Sure it's of little use in some situations but in others, it's been a huge advantage to have in there.

  5. I can't add much to the rest of these wise commentators, but I've been playing D'wing for about a year now, and I would NEVER leave home with out my Terminator Apothecary. If he saves one Terminator he has already made his points back, and he often saves me 2 or 3 per game. That is priceless!

    Congrats on a great conversion and a lovely looking blog :)

  6. I agree with @Sovietspace I think it's a great choice as tough as Terminators are they're still only 1 wound models. Combined with the mighty armour of the Terminators if they do manage to get a wound through then an Apothecary is a great way to dissapoint them from killing a 40pt model!

  7. Thanks for all the support.
    The apothecary has performed above and beyond all of my expectations and will probably be a permanent addition to my army list.