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Thursday, May 19, 2011

BFS Tournament List: Return of The Deathwing

Here is the list I am bringing to the tournament


Belial w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield - 130

Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armor w/ Stormbolter and Crozius- 145


Dreadnought w/TL Autocannon and Missile Launcher - 135

Dreadnought w/TL Autocannon and Missile Launcher - 135


Deathwing Command Squad
1 Terminator Apothecary
5 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields - 245

2 x 5 Deathwing Terminator Squads- 430
-4 Thunder Hammers/ Storm Shields in each squad
-1 Pair of Lightning Claws in each squad

Heavy Support

Landraider Crusader- 250
Belial and company go in here

2 God Hammer Pattern Landraiders-500

This leaves me with 30 pts to play around with. I might put extra armor on the Crusader to make sure that it can keep moving and instead of lightning claws I may mix in some heavy flamers or chainfists.

This is basically a rehash of my old 1750 list with dreadnoughts and Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields put in

The dreadnoughts will sit back in cover and pick off transports and the Crusader will spearhead the assault.

The terminator command squad will ride in style aboard the crusader moving forward to engage in assault as quickly as possible. The two God Hammers role will adjust depending on the configuration of my opponents. I may keep one back and deepstrike on terminator squad to pressure my opponent early (Death Wing Assault guarantees half of your terminators in reserve for deep arrive on turn one)

Melta spam - sit back and pick-off melta transports
Dakka Spam/Missile Spam- they follow the crusader and bum-rush the gunline.

Not too much shooting going on in this list aside from the two dreads and 4 twin-linked lascannons, but that has always been my style of play.


  1. not a bad list... i think only having 3 troops may hurt in the long run.. but sounds like you a playing a half fluffy army so i won't argue economics.

    with the 30 extra points, throw a combi melta on the chappy (nothing will make jawaballs cry like combi-meltaing a LR and assaulting his termies inside @ init 5. so.. that leaves us with.. 25 points.. throw a deathwing banner on your command squad. that is giving each model an extra attack. that's like adding 3 terminators to that squad. so.. that is going to help cover some of the only having 3 troops. might even help with some wound allocation as well.

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