The Storm Bolter and Powerfist

If all else fails, hit it with a powerfist

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BFS Tournament List: Return of The Deathwing

Here is the list I am bringing to the tournament


Belial w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield - 130

Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armor w/ Stormbolter and Crozius- 145


Dreadnought w/TL Autocannon and Missile Launcher - 135

Dreadnought w/TL Autocannon and Missile Launcher - 135


Deathwing Command Squad
1 Terminator Apothecary
5 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields - 245

2 x 5 Deathwing Terminator Squads- 430
-4 Thunder Hammers/ Storm Shields in each squad
-1 Pair of Lightning Claws in each squad

Heavy Support

Landraider Crusader- 250
Belial and company go in here

2 God Hammer Pattern Landraiders-500

This leaves me with 30 pts to play around with. I might put extra armor on the Crusader to make sure that it can keep moving and instead of lightning claws I may mix in some heavy flamers or chainfists.

This is basically a rehash of my old 1750 list with dreadnoughts and Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields put in

The dreadnoughts will sit back in cover and pick off transports and the Crusader will spearhead the assault.

The terminator command squad will ride in style aboard the crusader moving forward to engage in assault as quickly as possible. The two God Hammers role will adjust depending on the configuration of my opponents. I may keep one back and deepstrike on terminator squad to pressure my opponent early (Death Wing Assault guarantees half of your terminators in reserve for deep arrive on turn one)

Melta spam - sit back and pick-off melta transports
Dakka Spam/Missile Spam- they follow the crusader and bum-rush the gunline.

Not too much shooting going on in this list aside from the two dreads and 4 twin-linked lascannons, but that has always been my style of play.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Under Construction

After a long hiatus (real life takes over sometimes), its nice to see my Dark Angels get some love.
Our outdated wargear was really my only "real" complaint with the codex other than our craptastic librarian, but now with the updated FAQ I don't have much to complain about.

You can guess what the terminators above will be armed with.

I will also be playing in the BFS Tournament this Saturday.Pics and detailed battle reports WILL follow.

I'll post my army list once I figure out exactly what I am going to use/can have modeled and painted by then.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The End is Nigh

Space Wolves can do what I do, but with better wargear and Blood Angels are running around with Terminator Apothecaries (something that was unique only to the DA codex). Now with the long overdue release of the new Dark Eldar codex around the corner, what I do will be decimated on turn one (I already got a taste of the Alpha Strike with Imperial Guard).

-Rant Over-

About a year ago I started buying some Dark Eldar stuff in anticipation for when they would eventually receive an update. I played a couple small games with them and loved the finesse needed when playing them. It was a nice change of pace from my Tri- Land Raider list that relied on the AV 14 to keep me in the game.

Looking at all the stuff floating around on the DE, I must say I am liking the direction they are going and the new models are amazing. Pain tokens giving units feel no pain and furious charge, Ravagers moving 12'' and firing all weapons, Asdrubael Vect becoming a CC monster (definitely including him in my list and seizing the initiative on a 4+ is not too shabby either) and Incubi gaining additional attacks on rolls of 6 to wound; the list goes on and on...

This post is to inform you all that am putting my Deathwing on the shelf and jumping on the Dark Eldar bandwagon. Over next few months I will be stocking up on Dark Eldar goodies

Maybe this new project will inspire me to post more articles...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Deathwing: Reloaded

Yes, I know the Dark Angels and the Inquisition do not get along and to include them in army together would be considered unfluffy, but Ork players run around with 2 Warbosses on bikes sometimes attached to the same squad. My army as it stands now is lacking in the psychic defense department.

I played a game a few
weeks ago against a Tyranid list that included a Swarmlord. The Swarmlord cast a power (I think it was Paroxysm) making one of my squads fight at WS1 & BS1 until the begining of the Tyranid players next turn, effectively making me hit on 5's in the assault phase. Even though the game ended in a draw, nothing is more demoralizing than hitting on 5's vs Termagaunts.

To com
bat the sudden uprise in the use of psychic powers and GW's push for something somewhat like the magic phase in fantasy for 40k, I have thought about adding a Grey Knight Hero to the list and dropping the Chaplain. I figured the cheaper Brother-Captain can fill the role with a psychic hood that covers the whole board with an Ld of 10. I would use a Dark Angels Librarian, but they are only Ld 9 and most psykers out there nowadays are Ld10. I want to at least be on even footing.

Dropping the Chaplain will somewhat lessen my damage potential in the assault phase (got to love those re-rolls), but it is a change I must make. To make up for the loss of the re-roll, I have been looking for ways to increase the number of attacks the squad can put out.

The first option is taking a chapter banner giving the squad containing the banner bearer +1 attack. Another option is taking an Inquisitor with a Holy Relic. It is a bit pricey, but gives all friendly units within a 2d6" radius plus one attack. I can also give the Inquisitor a Null Rod which protects the squad containing the inquisitor from the effects of psychic powers such as Doom, Lash. The players in my area are beginning to play at higher point totals giving me some more points to play around with.

Belial 3 base + 1 (2 close combat weapons, usual load out of Twin Lightning Claws) + 1 (via the chapter banner) + 1(via the holy relic) = 6 attacks (7 if you charge) and that is just one guy.

The Inquisitor will also be in terminator armor to stick with the theme.

-Thoughts, advice and/or criticism are welcome

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its About Time

After playing a few games with the current incarnation of my list I have come to the conclusion that I just don't get the same pleasure from playing a multi-wing list, that I get from playing my pure Deathwing list. I guess I'm a purist when it comes to these things (either all my eggs in one basket or none at all) and there is something about winning a game knowing I am behind the 8-ball from the start that keeps me playing this list and army. This list seems to suprise people if thy are not ready for it. If you can play a list using the models you love and still win games, by all means do it.

The one thing I love as much as Terminators and Land Raiders, are dreadnoughts. I recently found out that GW is releasing a plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit and it is the only thing I am looking forward to (a new codex would be nice, but I don't see that happening anytime soon).

I may drop one land raider and one squad of terminators in favor of 2 Venerable dreadnoughts with multi-meltas and heavy flamers in drop pods. I do realize that with only two troop choices I am at a major disadvantage and that it only takes one lucky shot to destroy one of my land raiders (especially now, with players starting to switch back to long range fire with lascannon and missile launcher spam), but that is why I play this game, the thrill of the challenge.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Multi-Wing Approach

I apologize to all my followers and want to let you all know that I am still breathing. I just have not had the time to to enjoy this hobby as the real world is gradually catching up with me and graduation is right around the corner.

I have seen the space wolves codex and am not happy that they have the ability to field an all terminator army.

My fellow Dark Angels players do not worry I refuse to switch codexes and will be taking many of the things that still remain somewhat unique to the Dark Angels Codex and draw up a list.

My Deathwing will still be an option, but I believe in order to stay competitive I must mix in elements from the rest of the codex.

Here is the list:


Belial- 130
w/twin lightning claws

- makes the Deathwing terminators in the army count as troops and will be attached to that squad and ride in the crusader. Twin lightning claws gives Belial the best load out in my opinion as he will have 5 attacks on the charge (6 attacks when you factor in the +1 from the company banner)

Sammael (in his landspeeder) - 205
yes this is the armor 14 landspeeder

-makes the Ravenwing bikers in the army count as troops. He has an assault cannon and heavy bolter that are both twin linked at BS 5 making him effective at taking out infantry. Most opponents will not be able to ignore a fast moving armor 14 vehicle that can put out that number of shots. He will zip around guns blazing and zoom in to contest objectives on turn 5 (Fritz and Jawaballs this one is for you guys).


Deathwing- 280
2 terminators w/twin lightning claws
2 terminators w/thunder hammers and stormshields one will carry the company banner
1 terminator w/a chainfist and heavy flamer upgraded to an Apothecary

-This is the hammer unit of the army. The squad will ride in the crusader and will spearhead my assault. This unit will most likely be sent in to claim the objective most heavily guarded by my opponent or if needed will go after my opponents hardest unit. The apothecary helps when they win combat and are vulnerable to shooting allowing me to ignore one failed save a turn (if he saves at least one terminator a game he has made up his points). The company banner gives everyone in the squad +1 attack (Belial will receive this bonus when he joins the unit).

Tactical Squad 1 - 115
Sgt w/a power weapon and melta bomb
3 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/a flamer

Rhino transport-50
w/extra armor

Tactical Squad 2 - 120
Sgt w/a powerfist
3 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/a flamer

Rhino transport - 50
w/extra armor

- Both squads will remain inside of their rhinos as long as they are still up and running. They will move out and claim objectives. The squads are equipped to deal with infantry likely to be sitting on these objectives if I cannot tank shock them off.

I might switch out the flamers for meltaguns

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1- 160
Sgt w/a power weapon and melta bomb
2 bikers w/meltaguns

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 - 170
Sgt w/a power weapon
2 bikers w/meltaguns one upgraded to an Apothecary

-these guys will act as a distraction. They will outflank to get into better position to pop my opponents big tanks and give my opponent an immediate threat to deal with. I do not expect them to survive the whole game but if they do they have the ability to claim objectives.

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader - 270
w/ extra armor and pintle mounted stormbolter

-this will carry Belial and his squad. The Dark Angels codex uses the old smoke rule where all hits scored upon a vehicle that pops smoke can only glance making the land raider almost indestructible the turn it pops smoke.

Predator 1 - 100
w/autocannon, heavy bolters and a pintle mounted stormbolter

Predator 2 - 100
w/autocannon, heavy bolters and a pintle mounted stormbolter

-These have been showing up a lot lately with the shift to 5th edition and mechanization of armies. The autocannons on the Predators are good at popping light transports such as Rhinos, and Ork trucks. The two tanks are well equipped to lay out a decent amount of fire power to deal with those horde armies as well.

Overall a balanced list. I have all the tools needed to handle most situations. The squads are small but have some kind of protection (terminators ride in the land raider, the tactical squads are mounted in rhinos to protect them from incoming fire and the bikers turbo boost to claim a cover save or to get behind cover when there is nothing for them to shoot at).

-comments and/or criticism are more than welcomed

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terminator Librarian

After seeing Ron Saikowski's Terminator Librarian( seen here ) over at, I have been motivated to make a terminator librarian and give it a try. Before I go on and convert one I want to get people's thoughts and opinions of the Dark Angels Librarian.

Dark Angels Librarians have 2 powers, force barrier and hellfire. Force barrier allows the Librarian (when he takes a wound) to take psychic test and if he passes is treated as if he has made an invulnerable save. This could be very useful, especially when used together with an Apothecary (gotta love that Apothecary)to help shrug off some of those AP2 weaponry. His second power, Hellfire, is a shooting attack with the following profile: Template, S2D6-2, AP D6, Assault 1. Pretty random to be counted on, but it can possibly be a S10, AP1 flamer template. It will probably have games where you wish you took something else and games where you will be glad you took the librarian.

The Librarian also has the old psychic hood that covers the whole table, but at leadership 9 it might not be as effective since most psykers used in tournaments are leadership 10. He is also no slouch in combat with 3 attacks and a force weapon at an initiative of 5.